Back to School Breakfast/Lunch Ideas

DSC_0056Welcome back with my last BTS post and this time it’s all about food! I’m terribly sorry for all of you hungry people out there, but this will hopefully encourage you to make your own meals now, as ususal – they are super easy and tasty! This time, I tried to get on the healthy train and make something good for our bodies that’ll prevent our stomach from growling during those loong classes… I literally got hungry while editing these photos, it was a real struggle! Continue reading

RECIPE: Home-made macarons


Welcome back, guys! Today I’ve prepared a very requested recipe – the macaron one. These are the adorable and always beautifully-looking confections that orginate from France. What I’ve also learned is that, like any other speciality, it requires a lot of skill, practice and knowledge in order to achieve the desired results. So don’t give up even if the first or several times  you don’t get the same macarons as the ones on instagram – there’s a reason why they are not the cheapest dessert ;) I’ve seen a lot of recipes on the web but this time I was particularly inspired by Dishin’ with Di – go and check out her website, she’s definitely one of my favourites! Let’s get started and good luck! Continue reading

RECIPE: Gingerbread Biscuits


Welcome to my blog! This is the last Christmas DIY, which I’m both excited and upset about. Excited, because Christmas is just around the corner, and upset, because I had so much fun capturing these photos and inspiring you. Hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I did. I’m definitely making more in the future! As for today’s DIY – I have a gingerbread biscuit recipe for you – something you can do with your whole family! Continue reading

RECIPE: The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe


Happy December everybody! Winter’s just around the corner! Even though it’s the coldest season, becomes pitch black by 5 o’clock and it’s quite hard to leave your warm bed in the crispy mornings, there is also a big number of benefits that make us all happy: All the cosiness that is in your house, Christmas lights basically everywhere – houses, trees, shops, random buildings, etc., wonderfully smelling candles in various colours, comfy sweaters, running in untouched snow, making snow angels, making Christmas biscuits, buying candy canes, buying presents for your loved ones and wrapping them in colourful paper and ribbons, watching Christmas movies, listening to your favourite Christmas songs and so much more! There are tons of positive things to say about this season that almost make up for its disadvantages.

The purpose of this month’s DIY posts of mine are to make you feel at least a little bit better about winter and inspire you to make astonishing things with your own hands. I promise, it’d be so much fun! (I did this one with my little brother and we both found it very entertaining)

If you are looking for some great holiday gifts or fun projects to do, I’ve prepared an awesome holiday DIY that is not only easy, but also fun for everyone! This hot chocolate recipe is perfect for cosy-ing up on the couch during those cold winter nights. Continue reading

Sunday Morning


Happy Sunday morning, people! I’m so glad to write this post today when I can simply talk to you guys about some upcoming projects for my blog that can excite both me and you!

November’s been going pretty smoothly for its fisrt half, although it’s been getting colder and rain has been hanging around all over Europe. Nevertheless, in order to get you excited for the holiday season and help you feel cozy and relaxed, I’ve come up with some ideas. :)

But before we head to the Christmas spirit, expect some autumn photoshoots with new outfits – hope I inspire you to be more creative with your wardrobe and be confident about yourself.

As to the upcoming month (December apparently), one of my favorite things to do is DIY stuff (yes, I’m not joking, you’ll see what I mean in a few weeks). You think of the rules, you think of the materials that you’ll be using and you achieve wonderful results! There will be DIY project ideas twice a week during December – how to decorate your own mugs, how to make adorable Christmas cards, festive tree decorations and other home decorations, beautiful candles, and so much more! There will also be some easy recipes for you to try and share with friends and family!

Hope I have got you at least a little bit excited and enthustiastic for this year’s holidays! Let’s see how far owr creativity and joy can get! See you very soon! <3