Homemade Raspberry Cake

DSC_0653Welcome back, lovely cheries! Today we will surpsire our friends & family with this mouth-watering homemade recipe, which is certainly going to make them tasty more than happy! Continue reading

Back to School Breakfast/Lunch Ideas

DSC_0056Welcome back with my last BTS post and this time it’s all about food! I’m terribly sorry for all of you hungry people out there, but this will hopefully encourage you to make your own meals now, as ususal – they are super easy and tasty! This time, I tried to get on the healthy train and make something good for our bodies that’ll prevent our stomach from growling during those loong classes… I literally got hungry while editing these photos, it was a real struggle! Continue reading

Back to School Outfits

pageI’m almost certain how some of you areĀ  feeling right now, expecting the school year with mixed feelings. My friend Sobia and I decided to make your beginning a little easier and hopefully inspire you to wear your clothes with confidence and not stress out too much about unnecessary things. What is going to follow has a lot of advantages too, you will meet your friends, learn a lot of new things (not much needed information sometimes), try new ideas on your outfits, school supplies, etc. you can get from us. I’ve prepared 3 different looks for you: Continue reading