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  1. Vicky Bartlett... #Fashalia101: The Diverse Style Universe says:

    Wow;,this website is amazing! you make DIY projects look so easy & your photos are excellent;

    Making trends accessible 4 all & giving secrets on how to achieve a look or trend without breaking the bank is a good way to attract visitors 2 your site. No one likes to spend too much money and how to’s on how to save time on getting a look together is always well received!

    Keep an eye out on the latest looks 4 SS15 & look up what your favourite designers & high street stores are doing . I always look at how the designers have connected with the high street too.


  2. novemberdelane says:

    Hey there!
    As promised, I took a look at your fashion section, and I loved it. It’s incredibly well done and I love your last post (Chagall blue and bright yellow) in particular, I think it’s very original and you should definitely create more of those. (:
    xx November


  3. SJ says:


    You asked me for advice on your blog…
    I’ve visited your blog and I would just like to say, I love it. It’s very informative and quite lovely. You mentioned adding to your blog, I would suggest to add your own personal touch to it. Share about your life, a blog is also a great place to write about any issues you are having. Everyone would love to get to know the lonely intelligent woman behind the blog! This is just my suggestion, I hope you’re not taking any offence to it.

    I think it’s great to see and learn about the person behind the blog, and their everyday lifestyle and own fashion taste!

    Again- love your blog!

    Hope you’re having a great day!



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