Being Cosy for a Change

12370945_746045425528256_76190667392148098_oOur lives are so full of life. A weird but absolutely true metaphor. This life consists of all of our ideas, passions, emotions, regrets, and we decide in what particular direction to aim all of this. During the last month or two I started feeling differently, perhaps more mature, or not really, but there is certainly a change. A change consisting of tiny and not so tiny things that happened to me, transormed my mind and inspired it to look at things with another eye. A change big enough to share with all of you. In a creative way.

To be honest, I had no idea that I’d share this in this post today. But I felt like it so why stop my brain storm? What has happened to me might probably be your main question. Well, I finally got my driving license (after 3 times of failing – not funny), I generally started thinking differently, reading and being more interested, I became even more certain of who I am and what I want to study in university next year (I attended a journalism course, which was last week, and I felt as if I’m in the right place).

The tiny part of the things shown above that made me think differently are convincing proof that change is important, crucial. That it will affect this blog as well, that it will be more colourful (not only literally), full of information, ideas, inspiration. I hope there will be things that will interest every girl and woman. Basically making dreams come true – not only mine, but the other people who will be involved in all of this – my very first online platform (which you are already on). Stay tuned!

Животите ни са пълни с живот. Странна, но напълно вярна метафора. Този живот се състои от всичките ни идеи, страсти, емоции, съжаления, а ние решаваме в коя посока да ги насочим. През посления месец-два започнах да се чувствам различно, може би по-зряла, а може би не, но със сигурност има промяна. Промяна в малки и не чак толкова малки неща, които са ми се случили, променили мисленето ми и вдъхновили ме да гледам на нещата с друго око. Промяна, достатъчно голяма да споделя с всички вас. Чрез креативност.

Ако трябва да съм честна, нямах представа, че ще споделя това в днешната публикация. Но защо да спирам тази мозъчна атака? Какво ми се е случило толкова е може би въпросът, който си задавате. Е, най-накрая взех книжка (след като ме късаха 3 пъти – не беше забавно), като цяло започнах да мисля различно, да чета и да се интересувам повече. Утвърдих се пред себе си, станах още по-сигурна в това, което ще уча догодина в университета (посетих журналистически курс миналата седмица и се почувствах на мястото си).

Изредените неща са малка част от доказателството, че промяната е важна, неизбежна. Тя ще измени и блога, който ще стане по-цветен (не само буквално), пълен с информация, идеи, вдъхновение. Надявам се, че ще има неща, които да възбудят интереса на всяко момиче, жена. Просто се сбъдват мечти – не само моите, но и тези на хората, които ще участват в това – моята първа онлайн платформа (на която сте в момента). Очаквайте скоро!

11233427_746044482195017_253572995093161872_o 12339569_746044265528372_1645802846741287958_o 12339677_746045405528258_5704674168555935537_o These photographs are taken right after my lectures last week. Enjoying a the good company and a nice cup of gingerbread latte in Costa, I managed to relax after the long day.
Тези снимки са правени малко след лекциите ми миналата седмица. Наслъждавайки се на приятната компания и хубава чаша джинджифилово лате в Коста, успях да си отдъхна от дългия ден.12342674_746045455528253_7386780679173417314_nCoat: Reserved; Scarf: Reserved; Sweater: Benetton; Jeans: h&m; Boots: Gotti.





Transitioning into Autumn

12118730_727309970735135_1278754979066379444_nSunday evening as I’m writing this post, not really sure if I’m feeling nostalgic or not for those sunny careless days back in summer, or I’m excited for the autumnal season and upcoming Christmas holidays. Certainly there is always something to look forward to, always something or somebody that will inspire us to keep moving. That’s why I love going out and exploring. Doesn’t matter where, depends on you and your mood. Seek inspiration everywhere – in the trees, on the buildings, in the shops, on the street, etc. During a walk I had in the Old town of Plovdiv, just 15 mins away from home,  with my best friend we could see so many old-style houses, wonderful art shops and interesting people around every corner. I’ve been there perhaps a thousand times but there’s always something new to find! So whenever you feel down, go own, explore and refuel! It feels so much better! Continue reading

My 18th Birthday

DSC_0672Welcome back guys! On Sunday the 6th I turned 18! I had a wonderful party with my friends – we talked, laughed, ate, and after all had a really great time! I recieved so much positive vibes and am so thankful to have them all! I feel quite responsible as I’m getting older and cannot wait to see what my life has in store for me! Hopefully, I’ll share a big part of it with you!
If you’re wondering, in the photo above these are my best friend and her brother, and in the one below – my close friend Aggie, who also turned 18 that day! Continue reading

White and Blue in Nessebar

DSC_0696One of my most favourite places in Bulgaria is the Old town of Nessebar. I’ve visited it a lot of times since a little child with my parents, grandparents, schoolmates, and will keep doing so whenever I have the opportunity. It’s in the air – creativity, colours and beauty. I love everything about it – the sea, the Mediterranean style restaurants, the small crafts shops, the flowers, the paving stones on the ground, the old-style houses. Gorgeous and full of inspiration…
I will have one more post about it with photos of the place and one last summer holiday outfit very soon, so stay tuned. Continue reading


DSC_0053Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! Before I tell you a little about my summer hoilday, I want to share with you my excitement on a few upcoming things. First and foremost, there is a new layout coming up with unique design and photographs. I want to personalise it as much as I can and at the same time make it easy to use. So if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you! Also, I’m going to start to post bilingually, both in English and Bulgarian, so that my Bulgarian readers can read my blog as well.

As for the actual post, these photographs were taken near Pomorie in the DiVes winery, situated on the Simeonova mound. There you can enjoy high-quality wine with a marvelous taste while looking at the breath-taking scenery and having a nice conversation with your friends around. Their growing collection of wines can satistfy anyone’s taste doesn’t matter if they love wine or not. My personal favourites are the rosé ones (probably due to the colour, but I can’t help it). If you decide to visit the actual winery, you will enjoy a tour around the building and you will learn about the history of the place, where the major battle of Aheloy was won by the Bulgarians and tsar Simeon; the technology and the making of the wine, and at the end, wine tasting. Continue reading

A Sweet Escape

DSC_0092To be honest with you I wondered quite a lot how I would name this post because it feels pretty special to me. It was shot in a villiage, in the Rhodope mountains away from the heat, noise and dirt of the city. I needed this break so much because staying in Plovdiv the whole summer without travelling anywhere is not my cup of tea. I feel like I am programmed to be inspired and that’s why I need changes – and this was the one. Pretty simple, just like the title of the post. I didn’t entitle it “In the woods” or “Etno motives in the wind” because it could not describe it all. A sweet escape. Enjoyable just like looking at everything around it: the sky, the grass, the trees, the flowers, the birds, everything. So simple but powerful. It is unbelievable how different you feel after a short stroll in the nature with a good frend. I definitely recommend escaping from the busy every day routine for a little while to just observe the nature. Yes. It’s that simple. Continue reading

Plovdiv Fashion Day


Today I’m sharing with you and event that was held in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria. My town is known for its creative people using different skills incorporated in clothes, accessories, decorations, etc. It possibly has something to do with the energy of the place. The actual event lived up to my expectations – fashion which wouldn’t be worn by every person but still expresses its unique origin and the style of its maker, awesome for collector as well. There were clothes with classic Bulgarian emboideries, handmade jewellery, personalised umbrellas, phone cases, shoes, bags, leather creations, etc. It was very colourful and innovative. Just like the actual people selling their stuff. It was lovely for the eye and interesting to see what the local designers and creative people in general are up to.

DSC_0535DSC_0536   DSC_0546 DSC_0548 DSC_0545   Continue reading