Back to School Breakfast/Lunch Ideas

DSC_0056Welcome back with my last BTS post and this time it’s all about food! I’m terribly sorry for all of you hungry people out there, but this will hopefully encourage you to make your own meals now, as ususal – they are super easy and tasty! This time, I tried to get on the healthy train and make something good for our bodies that’ll prevent our stomach from growling during those loong classes… I literally got hungry while editing these photos, it was a real struggle! Continue reading

DIY Back to School Supplies

DSC_0616Continuing my Back to school series, today I’m sharing some ideas on how to spice up your supplies and make studying a little more fun and colourful. I’ve prepared 3 DIYs: pencils, bookmarks and notebooks.
P.S. If you are searching for ideas to organise your life – here’s a DIY for Clothespin Reminders. Continue reading

Back to School Outfits

pageI’m almost certain how some of you are  feeling right now, expecting the school year with mixed feelings. My friend Sobia and I decided to make your beginning a little easier and hopefully inspire you to wear your clothes with confidence and not stress out too much about unnecessary things. What is going to follow has a lot of advantages too, you will meet your friends, learn a lot of new things (not much needed information sometimes), try new ideas on your outfits, school supplies, etc. you can get from us. I’ve prepared 3 different looks for you: Continue reading

Colourful Nessebar

DSC_0458As I’m writing this article it’s raining in torrents outside, getting colder each day and my last year at school is approaching incredibly fast (acutally it’s 3 days away)! However, I’m still throwback thinking about my summer vacation and one of my favourite places as some of you already know – Nessebar. What I’ve prepared for you today are photographs I took of things and places I liked and found inspirational. I simply love strolling around in this town, exploring new shops, buying interesting souvenirs and so on. Their crafty stores are perhaps the ones I love visiting the most – they are so colourful, creative and pretty! Such an inspiration for anyone who is at least a little interested in art. Continue reading

Happy first birthday the Radiant Cherie!

DSC_0911DSC_0896Today is quite an exciting day – my blog is  turning 1! Like all the cheesy words you’ll here from everybody, who’s been doing something for the same amount of time, I’d say that the months flew so fast that I cannot even believe and realise it. I learned a lot, and have to learn so so so much more! I can’t wait to share my life with you guys, I’m so excited and inspired for my future and hopefully keep making my dreams come true, because a year ago I would not imagine myself still doing what am doing, and keep learning new things about fashion with the same passion as I started! What I will never forget from this past year is that dreams do come true, but you, with your own brain, heart, hands, passion and very hard work can achieve them, it’s never impossible! Continue reading

My 18th Birthday

DSC_0672Welcome back guys! On Sunday the 6th I turned 18! I had a wonderful party with my friends – we talked, laughed, ate, and after all had a really great time! I recieved so much positive vibes and am so thankful to have them all! I feel quite responsible as I’m getting older and cannot wait to see what my life has in store for me! Hopefully, I’ll share a big part of it with you!
If you’re wondering, in the photo above these are my best friend and her brother, and in the one below – my close friend Aggie, who also turned 18 that day! Continue reading

White and Blue in Nessebar

DSC_0696One of my most favourite places in Bulgaria is the Old town of Nessebar. I’ve visited it a lot of times since a little child with my parents, grandparents, schoolmates, and will keep doing so whenever I have the opportunity. It’s in the air – creativity, colours and beauty. I love everything about it – the sea, the Mediterranean style restaurants, the small crafts shops, the flowers, the paving stones on the ground, the old-style houses. Gorgeous and full of inspiration…
I will have one more post about it with photos of the place and one last summer holiday outfit very soon, so stay tuned. Continue reading