DIY: Chanel Vase


Pictures of similar Chanel vases are all over Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram… I was stunned by the way it looks and the feel that gives wherever I put it. It was very easy to make and you can get quite fancy with its appearance from the flowers you put in to the actual water!


What you’ll need:

  • a rectangular glass vase
  • a Chanel N.5 printed logo (click here)
  • strong glue
  • flowers 
  • food colouring (optional)


After you’ve printed and cut your logo glue it to the vase with your glue.DSC_0623

Add some water and if you want to spice up the look and make it look like real perfume add any colour food colouring and stir it well.


You can add fake flowers (I used fake flowers left from my Floral Letter DIY), or real ones (the colouring will not harm them). And it’s as simple as that! You can vary the colour of the water, the flowers and the places you put your vase. You can even tie a bow around it. It’s up to you! Have fun and send me pictures!

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20 thoughts on “DIY: Chanel Vase

  1. Brittli Sell says:

    Hey girl! You just recently dropped by on my account and asked for some advice.
    I am absolutely blown away by your photography, website, and DIY page! One tip I would give is to smile a little more in your pictures, look away from the camera more, and have a bigger focus on the pieces you are featuring outfit-wise.
    I actually could learn a few hints from YOU. I am a travel bug and I go to college full time, which eliminates a huge chunk of time and $ I am able to spend on my blog. I am trying to save up for a better camera slowly but surely, and I was wondering, what kind do you use?

    Liked by 1 person

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