DIY: Paper Magazine Diamond


Hello everyone! Today’s post is connected to the material that I work with very often at my fashion design courses – paper! It’s more than impressive how many things we can do with it, it has nothing similar to the things you can do with photoshop. What I’ve prepared for you is a diamond-looking collage made from triangles with patterns from magazine pages. It’s just a little time-consuming, but much worth it and fun to do when bored or have some extra time to waste :) Continue reading

Gingham for Less

anigif5 anigif2

As seen on many runways (Diane Von Fustenberg, Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta, Botega Venetta, Altuzarra), gingham has definitely become a must have stample in our wardrobe! The romantic, warm-weather cousin of plaid is not only on dresses but on shirts, coats, bags and scarves as well. It gives out feminism and elegance and can be worn for any occasion. I particularly picture myself wearing a gingham dress on a picnic date or with a shirt dress while walking through the narrow streets of a European town (somewhere in Greece, France, Spain or Italy…). What I’ve prepared for you are examples of clothes seen on the runways of SS/2015 and a similar-looking piece for much less money. Continue reading

DIY: Chanel Vase


Pictures of similar Chanel vases are all over Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram… I was stunned by the way it looks and the feel that gives wherever I put it. It was very easy to make and you can get quite fancy with its appearance from the flowers you put in to the actual water!


What you’ll need:

  • a rectangular glass vase
  • a Chanel N.5 printed logo (click here)
  • strong glue
  • flowers 
  • food colouring (optional)

Continue reading

Dior-inspired Pearl Earrings


I was inspired by Dior and Geneva from a pair and a spare to make these double pearl earrings and now I’m sharing it all with you! What’s quite surprising is how easy this DIY is, but also how often I wear these ones – doesn’t matter if it’s at school, a weekend laid-back stroll somewhere in the park, or at a party – you can never do it wrong! As people say (and I try to learn to use that expression as well), you can dress the look up or down with these babes. It always looks good, on anyone, on anything! Continue reading

2015 Denim Trends



page3This season’s denim trends are quite on the innovative side, but there are also classic choices that everyone would love – interesting patchwork designs (Tommy Hilfiger, Vanessa Bruno), new boyfriend, flare, slim fit and slashed jeans. Dolce & Gabbana’s beaded jeans are more than eye-catching and create a unique look and so do the stamped jeans as seen in Anna Sui and other runways. Long Jean skirts, wider legs and shorter hems definitely give out a more old-school vibe. The classic denim shirt is a little transformed either into a shirt dress or an oversized, sometimes distressed, top. Denim can also be seen as a material of accessories such as bags, hats and even shoes!

Images: Pinterest, Vogue