Recipe: Shortbread Cookies


Welcome again to my blog! What I’m about to share with you is perhaps one of the easiest and most fun recipes to ever make! You’ll only need a few ingredients, which are quite easy to find :)


What you’ll need:

  • from 2 to 4 small cups of flour
  • about 150 g butter
  • a teasp of salt
  • 2 small cups of powdered sugar
  • cinnomon or vanilla extract
  • decoration (milk chocolate to melt; pearls or other sprinkles; food colouring)
  • baking paper
  • mixer
  • rolling pin
  • shapes for the cookies




DSC_0846 DSC_0853

Firstly, add the butter, the 2 cups of powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt. Start mixing.

DSC_0854 DSC_0856

Add 1 teasp. of cinnomon or vanilla extract. Then add your flour (2-3 small cups are enough, you can add more later).

DSC_0860 DSC_0861

Put the dough onto plastic foil and store in the fridge for about an hour.

DSC_0865 DSC_0867

After that add more flour to your dough and use your rolling pin – change directions so that while baking your cookies don’t shrink and ruin their shape.

DSC_0871 DSC_0875DSC_0872 DSC_0879

Now you can use your shapes and put them onto the pan (use baking paper) and bake on 150-160 degrees C.

DSC_0877  DSC_0880


To make white icing, add one – one & a half tbsp of water to 1 small cup of powdered sugar. If you want it to be a different colour – add the desired food colouring and mix!


Here are the cookies I made with one of my dearest friends! Have fun and good luck!

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