DIY: Floral Letter

DSC_0638Welcome again to my blog, guys! Hope you’re all doing well :) Today I’m showing you how to make your own customised fake flower letter and make your room prepared for the upcoming spring season (which is actually my fave one)! DSC_0789   What you’ll need:

  • any kind of fake flowers
  • thick cardboard
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • any kind of glue (hot glue gun is highly recommended)

DSC_0792 Firstly, draw the desired letter on your cardboard using the pencil and the ruler to make sure everything is perfectly prepared for cutting. Mine’s an I (which is more than apparent since my name’s Ina).


When you’re ready cutting your letter it’s time to stick the flowers. You should remove them from the sticks and also cut these thicker parts coming out of the bottom of each flower so that you can easily glue and play around with them on the cardboard.


Before committing any serious sticking, make sure you initially place the flowers in the desired places.DSC_0657

Now using your glue gun or strong glue like I did, glue the pieces onto the cardboard.DSC_0634And this is what you get! Very beautiful but still simple and enjoyable to make! You can write your whole name with these, or even give them as a gift! Why not surprise a friend this Valentine’s day with a personalised present?DSC_0631

If you’re wondering what I did with the rest of my flowers – I simply put them in that vase onto my coffee table :)

Hope you liked this DIY and let me know if you have any ideas or desires for future posts. See ya’ll soon! xoxo


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