Your Grandma’s Sweater Can Actually Look Stylish



Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to talk about the sweater that my talanted grandma made for me! It’s 100% fine wool in petrol green, and also impressively comfortable. When I initially put it on, there was something about the shape and the sillhouette that was bothering me. So I remembered that I have this brown leather belt in my wardrobe, added it and the whole look transformed completely! I really love this particular part of fashion when you get to show your personality via clothes using creativity and taste! I paired the sweater with some black velvet jeans from OVS. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried to spice up an outfit like that before and if you’d like me to upload more posts on how to change your look with only a few added or removed items.




Beauty: Winter Favourites


Hey, guys! Today I’m starting a whole different section in my blog – beauty! I’m pretty excited, because when I started my blog (not so long ago, though enough time for me to conceive a few things in my mind) I didn’t know I’d do beauty-related posts as well. So, since it’s winter I decided to show you my most used products during this season and hopefully help you with an idea or simply inspire you to take more care of yourself – which is one of the main reasons I start this whole ‘beauty section’ thing. What’s more, I want to focus on the fact that it’s not important to buy the most expensive products to show off, but to respect & take care of your own body, which you are going to be using for the rest of your lives! And also, who wouldn’t like some pampering? Continue reading

Happy New Year!


Happy new 2015 everybody! Wish you all lots of health, luck, love, prosperity and joy! May at least a small part of your dreams come true this year and discover new ones! Hope you overcome your fears and never be afraid to experiment!

This year I spent NYE with my family, a small part of my friends and other family friends. We stayed at a small villiage called Arbanasi. It was fun, but I didn’t really feel as if it was my night if you know what I mean… Next year (I will be 18 by that time) I’d like to spend it with people at my age. I’d love to organise the evening, to cook some meals, to lay the table, to dance to catchy songs, talk and do enjoyable things… Basically being more independant than before. I’m sure it might be a challange but I really can’t wait!

Enough dreaming though… We still have 12 months to go and fill them with as much as we can! I wish to all of us good luck with everything they are or will be up to!

How did you spend New Year’s Eve? Let me know in the comment section below :) Continue reading