Throwback Monday

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Who says that there are only Throwback Thursdays? We all know that every single day comes with its own uniqueness and stands out from all the other ones. Just like today :)

I’m skipping school today because I’ve been feeling unusually sick these days… Stomach ache, headache, and all these inidentified symptoms that drive you crazy and make it hard for you to cope with your tasks. So this is the time when I’m basically forced to slow down a bit and think how I’ve treated myslef for the past couple of days. The answer of the question I ask myself every time is: “Yes, I have been trying too hard so as to be the best version of myslef”. And that’s where I see why I’m feeling sick – my body simply reminds me to take more care of myself.

Some of you might be wondering why am I writing this post. I’m doing so to remind you all to be yourselves, and not to be afraid allow your inner passions to guide you and never risk your own health to achive something not as important as you.

The photographs I’m sharing with you today are from my holiday in Greece, and particularly in Kavala. Hope you enjoy!


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Flavors of Fall

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As we all greet the glorious autumn sunshine, we gradually prepare ourselves for the frosty mornings of early-winter. But before the coldest season has arrived, we have to remind ourselves how to evaluate every second of life.

These warm days can catch us anywhere (thankfully). Doesn’t matter whether you are hanging out in town or having a leisurely afternoon walk in the woods – the sun can always boost your postivite energy and make you glow even brigher! It’s a sign given to us so as to help us remember to value not only the big, but also those small, tiny little things that make us smile – they can change our mood completely!

Today’s photoshoot shows how I would normally dress up if I was in town, and the little touch-ups I’d do later when I went away in the courtyside, but still look adorable and classy, yet comfortable – ready for some precious moments with my closest ones. For the first look I’m wearing a dark blue knit sweater from Pull & Bear, my favourite pair of skinny jeans from Zara, TSB leather bag and a necklace with leaves from New Yorker. For my afternoon look I just replaced my leaves necklace with my precious Galdini one and replaced my bag with a polka-dot packpack from Avon Bulgaria. /these looks are also available in my Lookbook – make sure you check them out/ Hope you guys enjoy!

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