Great Love for Fall

DSC_0460It’s always more than impressive to notice how people’s minds change during seasons… Or if it’s not present at everyone, it absolutely is in my head! Right now I’m in a cozy fall mood hardly waiting for the weather to cool down a bit more. I love how nature is so diverse and everything about it is so perfect and inspirational!

For this look we shot in a quiet narrow street in the peaceful Old Town in Plovdiv. I’m wearing a black & white striped knit sweater from H&M, dark jeggings from ZARA, leather shoes from GOTTI and a leather backpack from Pink Woman.


Plants & Moods

DSC_0280It always feels amazing when you escape from the city’s hustle & bustle, just go to the countryside with your dearest ones and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature. The fascinating landscape around, the clear azure sky above and the buzzing bees flying from one flower to another… Much more different than the car honks and the people shouting on the streets, right?

We should all learn to spend more time for oursleves simply because your bodies aren’t made to be under pressure without any rest. That’s what I attempted to do this time, and I felt much better. The early-morning yoga, the leisure walks and late-night talks made my brain feel refreshed and ready for the newest tasks waiting for me back in my town.

For this simple outfit I chose a casual T-shirt from OVS, dark skinny H&M jeans and a pair of Converse.



Endless Summer

DSC_0295It’s always a pleasure to visit a beautiful remote place, where only you and your loving ones can share some precious time together. That’s exacly what happened to me during one of the last warm and sunny weeks of summer 2014. I discovered a tiny bit of Thassos Island in Greece, but still had such a wonderful time, that I couldn’t leave! When you’re happy you get that feeling of endless summer, and stop caring about other unnecessary problems. Everything seemed so peaceful, so quiet and exquisite that I forgot the following weeks and months would be so terribly busy for me. Watching the sunset reminded me of how important it is to value every single moment and thing of your life in order to live it at its best. I now keep lovely memories from this place – they make me smile every time I think about them and help me go on.

I’m wearing a white crop-top from Pull&Bear, darkblue high-waisted shorts from Pull&Bear, as well as my white Converse high-tops and my House turquoise bracelet.